Lawn Treatment Services

We like to offer our clients choice & have a range of lawn treatment programmes to suit your needs

Season Starter


Early Summer

Late Summer

Autumn Fertiliser
Annual Lawn Care
A well balanced liquid feed with excellent moss control.
Annual Lawn Care
A slow release, granular spring feed high in organic content. Special Jobs: Overseeding, Top Dressing
Annual Lawn Care
A slow release, granular early summer feed. An early summer fertiliser can be applied to keep the lawn healthy going into the drier weather of summer.
Annual Lawn Care
A slow release, granular late summer feed.
Annual Lawn Care
A slow release, granular autumn feed. Special Jobs: Worm Control
Lawn Renovation Season
Scarification | Aeration | Top Dressing | Overseeding
Optional Treatments: Selective Herbicide

Winter Moss

A selective herbicide (weed treatment) to target broad leaved weeds (for example, dandelion, plantain, clover & daisy) Early winter moss control, ideal for mossy lawns, especially where scarification is not undertaken.
Tips & Advice
Keep off the lawn if there is frost, especially while it is still white as this can damage the grass leaf. Mow on a high setting at the start of the season and make sure the blades are sharp. Lower the mowing height very slowly as you mow more often. Move garden furniture or play equipment around the lawn if possible to prevent one section becoming worn. Clear leaves and other debris off the lawn.
Book the mower in for a service ready for next year.

We also provide consultancy services and
commercial and sports maintenance programmes