Professional Lawn Care for London and the South East

How we care for your lawn

We never recommend a treatment that you don’t need. See the full range of treatments we provide.

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Service packages to suit you

We like to offer our clients choice and have a range of lawn care programmes to suit your needs.

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Turf Management Consultancy

We also provide turf consultancy services, for both large domestic lawns and commercial sites.

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What makes us different?

Simple Payment

Register your credit card with us and make small manageable payments with the click of a button.

We work with you

If you already have a gardener that’s great and we can work with them to produce a beautiful lawn giving them more time to concentrate on your plants. Remember that LawnsOne technicians are NTPC qualified, a legal requirement if you are spraying professional weed and pest control products.


When a LawnsOne technician treats your lawn, they will leave a remittance slip and we detail on here if you need to take any further action. They will also assess your lawn and note anything that you need to do such as raise the cutting height or sharpen your mower. Helpful advice such as this is all part of the LawnsOne service difference and why we are the premier lawn care company for London and the South East.

  • "My mother could not rate you guys any higher.  An amazing experience for her,  highly professional and very authentic and genuine in all you did"
    Mr M, South West London
  • "I take the advice of my lawn care technician very seriously and when he advised me to water my lawn earlier in the year I did.  I have arthritis and I cursed under my breath as I moved the hose around the garden but the lawn is looking absolutely lovely so it was definitely all worth it!"
    Mrs P, Bickley
  • "just thought I'd share with you what an amazing job the guy's did on our re-laid lawn!  We are both very pleased with it.  Thank you"
    K J, Bromley
  • "I would like to say how lush our lawn looks and how soft it is on the feet!!  SO different from before!"
  • "Very professional, knowledgeable and friendly service over many years, leaving my lawn the envy of my neighbours."
    M H, Bickley
  • “We are happy to rely on your expertise and would recommend you without hesitation.”
    SA, East Grinstead