How to Care for New Turf

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Once you have your newly laid turf, it is important to adhere to a few simple rules to ensure rapid and optimum establishment. 

Firstly keep off the lawn whilst new turf settles. If you do need to walk on it use planks to spread your weight. The lawn will need watering especially in hot weather. Check the edges daily as these will dry out first. 

The lawn will need cutting, don’t let the lawn get over 100mm in length as at this stage the broad leaf grasses will start to dominate the finer leaf grasses, changing the grass mix, look and performance of the lawn. 

This is where you will have to make a judgement call as you still need to keep off the lawn!

If you are still watering, stop for a couple of days – this will firm the soil surface up, allowing you to walk on it. If the surface is still very wet and “squidgy” stay off. This is a balance: enough water to keep the grass alive but not too much so that the lawn is soft underfoot. 

After about four weeks the lawn should be settled and established and ready for light foot traffic.


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