How to Mow your Lawn


Mowing is the most basic of all lawn care cultural practices. It involves the periodic removal of a portion of the turf grass shoot growth. Mowing height and frequency have a direct effect on the quality of the lawn. 

Not mowing frequently enough results in ‘leggy’ growth leading to a thin lawn. Mowing too frequently or too short results in a stressed turf requiring more water and fertiliser input.

 Getting this simple practice right can transform any lawn beyond recognition.

A simple guide to mowing

  • During the growing season mow at least once a week, ideally twice if the growth rate warrants it. Remember try not to remove more than a third of the plant in one go, lower the height gradually until you reach the desired height.
  • Mow in different directions to encourage the plant to grow upright resulting in a cleaner cut and a thicker lawn.
  • During drought periods, raise the height of cut and reduce mowing frequency to reduce stress on the plant.
  • Returning clippings to the lawn will be of huge benefit, as long as they do not remain as clumps on the surface. Returning the clippings help as nutrients are put back into the soil and feed the bacteria that feed on thatch.


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