Lawn Problem: Ants

How do I know if I have ant nests in my lawn?

Ant nests will appear in your lawn, normally during summer months. They can range in size from a golf ball to half a beach ball in some cases. The soil has been mined by the ants and so tends to be quite fine and dusty when dry. The soil forms conical mounds. You may notice them after cutting as smeared soil (usually circular) areas are left.

How do I get rid of any nests?

There are many products you can buy online or in store. LawnsOne favour granules that can be applied or that can be dissolved in water. These seem to have a reasonable affect, however if using these products, always use them in solution and drench the affected areas. These poisons are contact killers so in powder or granule form, the ants have to come to the product. As a drench you can get right through the soil profile and get it to the ants. The soil brought to the surface from mining, if dry, can be brushed or raked and dispersed. Always do this prior to cutting as hitting a substantial nest can at best blunt a blade and at worst damage a machine.

Ant Nest

Key points to remember

  • Professionals have no access to ant pesticides.
  • Always drench rather than applying powder or granule
  • Brush excess soil prior to cutting.
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