Lawn Problem: Bare Patches

Bare patches on lawns occur most commonly over winter. Look for where they are occurring to identify possible causes. Are they under trees, shrubs, corners of gardens with high fences or around sheds?

Why do bare patches occur?

There are any number of reasons that bare patches occur, a LawnsOne technician will usually be able to tell upon inspecting the area. Commonly lack of light or water is the cause. This can be because the lawn has been left with leaves covering it over winter or that the winter sun, lower in the sky, does not give enough direct light. It can be down to wear, smoothed over worm casts or combination of reasons.

How do I prevent bare patches?

It is important to understand your lawn environment, how it is used, maintained and how it reacts to light and rain. This will help determine the cause. Once you know the cause, the cure is much easier. For example, a heavily trafficked area needs rest. A shady area needs light. Areas close to large hedges need lots of water and in almost all cases, over seeding will be required. This may be an annual spring maintenance need or a one-off.

Key points to remember

  • Find the cause first and remedy as necessary.
  • Keep shrubs and trees trimmed to ensure maximum light levels.
  • Add seeding to your annual maintenance.


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